AEW Full Gear Results (11/9): Baltimore, MD.

AEW returns to the pay-per-view world this evening with their AEW Full Gear show from Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

We will be providing live play-by-play results of the show from start-to-finish this evening as it happens right here on this page. We hope to see you here tonight!

Make sure to remember to refresh this page every couple minutes for the latest AEW Full Gear results and updates from Baltimore. Check out videos and photos from AEW Full Gear as the show happens live by clicking here.


The event kicks off with a special one-hour "Buy-In" pre-show starting at 7pm Eastern Time / 4pm Pacific Time live via the official AEW YouTube channel and other various official social media outlets.

Watch the AEW Full Gear "Buy-In" pre-show as it happens live below.

"Buy-In" Pre-Show Is Underway

We are several minutes into the pre-show now, which thus far has primarily been footage from the Countdown to AEW Full Gear special that aired earlier this week.

Currently we're looking at the introduction of Santana and Ortiz to AEW via Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle, and their build-up to their match with The Young Bucks on tonight's PPV.

Now things are switching to look at Jon Moxley's journey to AEW and the story behind his unsanctioned "Lights Out" match against Kenny Omega tonight at AEW Full Gear.

With just under 40 minutes remaining in the "Buy-In" pre-show, we are still watching the Countdown to AEW Full Gear special, which has now transitioned to the story leading into tonight's AEW World's Heavyweight Championship match, with Chris Jericho defending against Cody.

We switch to a live shot inside the arena where the announce team of Goldenboy, Taz and The Excalibur check in and introduce the video package for tonight's AEW Full Gear "Buy-In" pre-show match.

With that said, we see the video package telling the story behind tonight's pre-show match in the AEW women's division between Pittsburgh's own Dr. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestly

Now it's time to head to the squared circle for the first time this evening here inside the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, as it's time for our lone AEW Full Gear "Buy-In" pre-show match.

Dr. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley make their respective ring entrances, the bell sounds and here we go with our first bout of the evening.

Every time Baker gets some offense going, Priestley tucks her tail between her legs and runs for cover. She gets caught in Lockjaw submission from Baker briefly but escapes.

After a cheap shot, Priestley takes over the offensive control in the match. She snatches Baker up in a submission hold while Baker lays on the ring apron and Priestley yanks away at her neck from the floor.

Back in the ring, Priestley continues to dominate the action against the Pittsburgh dentist. Baker is starting to show signs of life, as she hits some hope-spots. The two hit dueling lariats at the same time. Both are slow to get up.

Again, Priestley takes over control of the offense until finally Baker fights back and ultimately catches her in her Lockjaw submission finisher. Priestley fights it off at first, but Baker sinks it in again and this time Priestley taps. Your winner by submission in our lone "Buy-In" pre-show match -- Dr. Britt Baker.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

After The Match:

Once the match ends, Baker celebrates and leaves while Priestley remains in the ring. Unfortunately for her, she was still there when out of nowhere, Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes come out on the stage.

The two make their way to the ring and the fans explode inside the Royal Farms Arena. Brandi and Kong enter the ring and they have a knife. No lie. Kong is holding a knife in her hand. She talks to Brandi and then hits a spinning back-fist that levels Priestley.

Now Brandi and Kong talk about the knife again, with Kong starting to have a crazy look in her eyes. Brandi kneels down and grabs a handful of Priestley's hair. Kong reaches down with the knife and slices some of her hair off. She rubs the hair on her face, seeming to enjoy it, and then wraps the hair around her waist like a title belt. Kong and Brandi stand tall as we shoot to another video package. Check out photos of Awesome Kong with the knife cutting Priestley's hair off and wiping it on her own face by clicking here.

The pre-show wraps up with another video package focusing on what the announce team just informed us will be the opening match on the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view broadcast -- The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, versus Santana and Ortiz from The Inner Circle, as well as the introduction of Jim Ross to the announce table for the PPV commentary team.


The All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view broadcast kicks off with the AEW Full Gear Cold Open Video Package that was released via the official AEW YouTube channel on Saturday afternoon. Check it out below.

After the cold open is out of the way we shoot live inside an absolutely decked out, jam-packed Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, complete with a beautiful AEW Full Gear pay-per-view arena design and production set-up.

The announce team, including Jim Ross, who was introduced near the end of the AEW Full Gear "Buy-In" pre-show live on the broadcast, formally welcome us to the show and it's time to go straight to the ring for our first PPV bout of the evening.

The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

The Inner Circle duo of Santana and Ortiz make their way down to the ring, as do AEW EVP's and top tag-team contenders Nick and Matt Jackson -- The Young Bucks.

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, The Rock 'N' Roll Express, are also at ringside for this opening tag-team bout. The bell sounds and here we go as the action immediately gets underway.

As the match develops, Nick Jackson is isolated in the ring, with Santana and Ortiz utilizing quick tags to keep fresh guys on Nick. They are focusing much of their attack on the leg / knee of Nick, as well.

Finally, Matt Jackson gets the hot tag and he is fired up, taking out any and everything that moves. Matt gets some big spots that lead to some near falls, however after a couple of minutes, The Inner Circle bad boys are once again in complete control of the action.

We see a big Street Sweeper spot off the top rope after the ring announcer informs us that 15 minutes has gone by in this contest. The Young Bucks hit a crazy double-team high-spot that garners a "Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!" chant from the AEW fans here in Baltimore.

Now, Nick Jackson is the legal man. He hits a move or two, all-the-while limping badly, before tagging Matt back in. Matt hoists Santana up for The Meltzer Driver, however when Nick goes to springboard off the ring apron with the ropes, his bad knee gives out and he collapses to the mat.

Matt goes over and puts Nick up on the top rope and now he hoists Santana up in the air in a Death Valley Driver position. Santana ends up breaking free and tagging in Ortiz. The fresh Ortiz comes in and talks trash to Nick, who also tags in. Nick spits his gum in Ortiz's face. Ortiz picks it up and puts it in his mouth. Now he spits it back at The Young Buck.

Nick Jackson, bad knee and all, starts fighting off both Santana and Ortiz by himself with super kicks, before selling the leg afterwards. The ring announcer tells us that 10 minutes remains in the allotted time for this opening tag-team contest. As he makes the announcement, Santana and Ortiz hit a big double-team spot on Nick.

Santana and Ortiz exchange tag and now they hoist Nick up for the Street Sweeper. They hit it! 1-2-3. It's over! Santana and Ortiz from The Inner Circle just handed The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, yet another loss in the AEW tag-team division. A clean win for Santana and Ortiz here at AEW Full Gear. Highlights of the match are now being shown and analyzed by the AEW Full Gear announce team.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

After The Match: Sammy Guevara, Rock 'N' Roll Express Brawl

Once the match is over, Sammy Guevara "The Spanish God" of The Inner Circle makes his way down to the ring with a cell phone, as apparently he is video blogging this.

Guevara joins fellow members of The Inner Circle, Santana and Ortiz, in the ring as they stand over The Young Bucks. Guevara pulls out a sock filled with baseballs.

As the trio gets ready to deliver unnecessary post-match punishment after their victory, The Rock 'N' Roll Express hit the ring to make the save. Ricky Morton hits a crazy dive through the ropes and a blockbuster-style cutter on the top-rope on one of The Inner Circle members.

The fans in Baltimore absolutely exploded for the big Ricky Morton spots. He's still one of the best natural baby faces in the pro wrestling game, even in his senior years .. and the All Elite Wrestling fans are letting him know exactly that as they shower the tag-team legend with a "You Still Got It! You Still Got It!" chant to end the segment.

AEW Full Gear Updates

The announce team, which is lead by the legendary Jim Ross, breaks down some of the action still to come here tonight at AEW Full Gear.

The commentary crew lists the matches that are still to come, noting Moxley-Omega will take place after every match on the show, as they will turn the lights out and let the unsanctioned fight play out.

Next up, however, as J.R. and company inform is, is a singles match here at AEW Full Gear...

PAC vs. Hangman Page

We head back to the ring as "The Bastard PAC" appears across the big screens at the entrance stage and PAC's theme music hits. Pyro and fireworks explode as "The Bastard PAC" makes his way down to the ring.

Now Hangman Page's awesome music hits the loud speakers inside the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, fireworks and pyro goes off again and the "Hangman" heads to the squared circle for our first singles bout of the evening here at AEW Full Gear.

The two slug it out to get things going, with the fans immediately breaking out into loud "Cowboy Sh*t! Cowboy Sh*t!" chants as the match starts to develop a bit. PAC is taking over the offensive control in this one.

Several minutes have gone by, with PAC hitting a number of high spots and delivering a ton of punishment in what has been a one-sided beat down for a large part of this contest, in favor of "The Bastard."

The announcers point out that PAC is ranked number two and Hangman Page is ranked number three in the new official AEW Rankings, so a win here will be huge for either guy going forward. Meanwhile, Page is finally getting in some offense after a big dive through the ropes onto PAC on the floor.

PAC ends up taking back over the offensive control in this one. Things continue like this all the way up until the finish.

After escaping a gruesome submission from PAC that looked like somewhat of a Russian Leg-Sweep position, but gnarlier, Hangman Page ends up pulling off the "W" literally out of nowhere with a pin.

Winner: Hangman Page

Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. Joey Janela

The lights in the Royal Farms Arena go off. The arena is pitch black other than cell phone lights now. Some music starts playing and out comes "The Chairman of AEW" Shawn Spears, accompanied by the legendary WWE Hall of Famer of the Four Horsemen faction, Tully Blanchard. Also out to the ring is his opponent for tonight, Joey Janela.

The bell sounds and here we go. Early on, Janela gets some shine time, although it isn't long at all before Spears is using dastardly old-school pro wrestling heel tactics, complete with Tully being quite an active presence at ringside in terms of having an affect on the action in the ring due to his interference and distractions.

Spears punches away at Janela in the corner. He climbs up the ropes and keeps punching him. Now he's messing with his hair, yanking on it and pulling it. He's messing with the top turnbuckle, as well.

Now Spears goes back to work on Janela. Moments later, Spears catches Janela in a Boston Crab-like submission that looks dangerous for Janela momentarily, however eventually he escapes. Janela is firing up now with punches.

Janela is picking up the pace in this one, as he hits a nice dive onto Spears on the floor before returning to the ring and getting in some more spots. Spears cuts his run short with a big shot. Janela rolls Spears up out of nowhere, but Spears kicks out. Spears rolls to the floor and Janela hits another suicide dive onto him through the ropes.

The two quickly bring the action back to the ring, where Janela delivers a couple of big punches and a suplex for another near fall. Now Spears fights back. He removes the turnbuckle that he untied earlier.

The referee, who is distracted by trying to re-attach the removed turnbuckle, turns his back to deal with that while Spears and Tully Blanchard take advantage of the situation, blasting Janela with a spiked piledriver on the floor. Spears brings Janela back into the ring and nails him with his C4 finisher. 1-2-3. It's all over.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Backstage: Kip Sabian Introduces Penelope Ford

After the match we shoot backstage at the Royal Farms Arena, where we have an interview segment with Kip Sabian.

Sabian, sporting a nice pair of sunglasses, talks about the need to find people you can rely on and that you have chemistry with.

With that said, in walks Penelope Ford, who kisses Sabian. Sabian talks about being bad and bringing some sexyness into AEW. Ford says the interviewer is boring her and says let's go. They walk off.

AEW World Tag-Team Championships
Private Party vs. The Lucha Bros vs. SCU (C)

The AEW World Tag-Team Championships are up for grabs in our next match here at AEW Full Gear, as Private Party -- Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy -- make their way to the ring after passing through a red velvet rope set up on the ramp. Out next are The Lucha Brothers -- Pentagon JR. and Rey Fenix. Finally, the reigning, defending, inaugural AEW World Tag-Team Champions SoCal Uncensored -- Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky -- make their entrance.

After the long, drawn-out formal pre-match ring introductions for this, our first championship contest of the evening, the bell sounds and the action immediately gets underway as J.R. and the announcers discuss the official AEW rankings for the tag-team division and how this match could shake up everything.

Meanwhile, the fast-paced action and high spots are starting to unfold in sequence as The Lucha Bros are firing up now. The B-More fans are a pro-Pentagon & Fenix group, complete with "Ole! Ole! Ole!" chants and "Lucha!" chants as the decorated duo continue to take it to Private Party's Marq Quen.

Quen finally blasts Pentagon and tags out to SCU's Scorpio Sky because his partner Kassidy was still selling a spot from The Lucha Bros previous sequence.

A big springboard cross body by Fenix onto Sky nearly gets the three count The Lucha Bros want to capture the AEW Tag-Team Titles from SCU. Sky tags Kazarian and then hoists him up for an assisted DDT off the top-rope to a seated Pentagon for a close near fall that is broken up.

Mark Quen tags in, Fenix tags out. Quen hits a wild Pele-style kick to everyone in sight before Kassidy comes in and grabs his foot and launches him twice for big spots on Kazarian, who is now isolated in the ring. A huge Shooting Star Press nearly gets Private Party the 1-2-3 to win the titles, however Kazarian somehow managed to kick out at 2 and 1/2.

Private Party sets up Gin 'N' Juice, however when one of them runs over for the hurricanrana into the Stone Cold Stunner from the other member, Kazarian, who had the move scouted, saw it coming and avoided it. Sky enters the ring and the two hit a double-team spot on the Private Party member for the pin fall victory. SCU retains the titles with the win.

Winners and STILL AEW World Tag-Team Champions: SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

After The Match: Christopher Daniels Attacks!

After the match, The Lucha Bros attack SCU from behind, upset that they have twice failed to get their hands raised in competition against them in AEW with the AEW World Tag-Team Championships on the line.

As the post-match beatdown begins, another masked man enters the scene and takes out Pentagon and Fenix. He removes the mask to reveal he is none other than Christopher Daniels.

Daniels has his face painted black and white with a symbol on it and is crazed after being attacked and taken out by The Lucha Bros during the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament set-up on AEW Dynamite weeks ago.

AEW Women's World Championship
Riho (C) vs. Emi Sakura

The AEW Women's World Championship will be on-the-line in our next match of the evening, the second title bout here at AEW Full Gear. This is being built as the student versus the teacher match, as Riho defends her title against Emi Sakura -- next.

Sakura is making her ring entrance now, wearing a mustache as the announcers explain she is a big Queen / Freddy Mercury fan.

She is holding a microphone and a mic stand as well and the referee attempts to take it from her hand, so she puts it down in the corner.

Riho is out next as the fog and lights go off as she makes her way down the ramp towards the ring wearing her championship belt.

Riho and Sakura are both in their corners of the ring as the match is officially announced for the AEW Women's World Championship. The bell rings and the match begins.

Both girls take one another's hands in the Knuckle Lock. Riho demonstrating amazing neck strength, Riho is dropped to the mat by Sakura. Sakura with a boot to the back of Riho, followed by being tossed across the ring by her hair. Riho flips and lands on her feet following being thrown once again. Sakura with a Big Chop to the chest of Riho. Sakura charges at Riho, Riho ducks causing Sakura to flip over the top rope.

Sakura lands on her feet on the outside of the ropes, still on the mat. Sakura flips Riho to the ground outside of the ring. Sakura still standing on the outside of the ropes makes her way to the second turnbuckle facing the opposite direction as Riho runs and jumps up on the mat and stops her. Riho hits a Foot Stomp onto the chest of Sakura, accidentally falling as she lands on the outside of the ring. Both women make their way back into the ring. Riho waiting and hits the Double Knee Strike on Sakura.

Riho attempts a pin, Sakura kicks out at two. Riho with the Leg Crab on Sakura who is stretching and crawling across the mat, grabbing the rope. The referee makes her let go of the hold. Riho attempts to pick up Sakura with no luck as Sakura stands straight up with a Swinging Flat Liner. The Sakura chant ringing through the arena. Riho holding her head in the corner of the ring. Sakura with a Cross Body into Riho who is still holding her head leaning against the turnbuckle. Sakura wrapping Riho up as she screams with a smile and gets the Surfboard locked in as she rolls around the ring. Riho is screaming, Sakura lets go as Riho is gasping for air.

The crowd is not chanting, "Lets go Riho" as Riho is on her knees still trying to get back to her feet. Sakura grabs Riho and lifts her to her feet. Riho trips Sakura who lands with her arms over the second rope, Riho gets a kick into the chest of Sakura followed by the Crossbow on Sakura. Sakura stands up, mocking Riho by pretending to cry with her balled fists rubbing her eyes. A Back Breaker by Sakura onto Riho.

Sakura with a reverse Vader Bomb and pin attempt, Riho kicks out at two. Riho is laying on the mat in the corner of the ring as Sakura picks her up and gets her with a power move as Riho counters flipping up off Sakura and landing on her with a Double Foot Stomp on Sakura. Chops back and forth. Riho begins attacking Sakura with strikes, lifting Sakura back to her feet by her hair. Sakura counters with a smack to the mouth followed by another chop. Northern Lights on Sakura by Riho.

Riho with yet another Foot Stomp off the ropes onto Sakura who is left laying on the mat. Riho gets onto the top rope and again hits a Foot Stomp on Sakura and a pin attempt. Sakura curls into a "bridge" kicking out of the pin attempt. Riho hammering at Sakura once again who counters with a Back Drop. Sakura with a Double Underhook and slamming her to the mat for the pin. Riho puts her foot up on the rope, stopping the referee's count. Sakura looks upset and Riho with a Double Knee to the face of Sakura. Fast movements by both women.

Riho with a knee to the side of the head of Sakura, followed by a roll up and pin, getting the three count on Sakura for the win, retaining her title in this match up.

Sakura helps Riho to her feet and congratulates her for her victory in this one on one match-up, raising Riho's hand. Riho is holding her championship belt standing side by side.

Winner and STILL AEW Women's World Champion: Riho

AEW World's Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (C) vs. Cody

It's time for the final SANCTIONED contest here at AEW Full Gear, and it's for the richest prize that All Elite Wrestling has to offer -- the AEW World's Heavyweight Championship.

The AEW ring announcer begins the formal pre-match introductions. He informs us that there are three legends at ringside that will serve as judges for this match -- if needed.

Those pro wrestling legends, who we are shown sitting at ringside now, are Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson and The Great Muta.

The lights dim in the arena, re-lighting up as the pyro and fog go off, showing Cody Rhodes standing at the top of the ramp. Rhodes makes his way down the ramp as he sees his Mom sitting ringside, causing Rhodes to smile before making his way the rest of the way to the ring. Rhodes smiling from the second turnbuckle yelling, "Come on!" as he looks out into the crowd. Rhodes jumps down off the turnbuckle to kiss the mat before jumping out of the ring to run over and hug his Mom. Rhodes re-enters the ring, as the crowd cheers.

Next the music changes, sounding for Chris "Le Champion" Jericho as he makes his way out onto the stage raising his hands, facing up to the sky as the pyro and smoke go off around him. Jericho slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking to the left and to the right, not smiling once. Rhodes is glaring from the center of the ring. Jericho enters the ring. Jericho finally with a one sided smirk as he stands in his corner of the ring. The referee stands between the two powerhouses. Justin Roberts officially announces the match, the crowd chants "Cody, Cody, Cody..." as Rhodes is announced first. As Jericho is announced, there is mixed responses from the crowd as he raises his hands in the air. Jericho paces the ring with his championship belt still around his waist.

Jericho gives the crowd a double middle finger. Aubrey Edwards holds the belt above her head. "Happy Birthday" chant from the crowd. The bell rings and Jericho exits the ring, whispering to someone ringside that he doesn't want the distraction. The crowd chants "Cody" as the men lock up, then release. Locking up once again, Rhodes going after the arm of Jericho, attempting a Wristlock. Jericho switches it up momentarily, Rhodes counters. Both men staring each other down, pacing the ring, looking for their moment to strike. Lock up once again, Jericho shoves Rhodes into the corner.

Rhodes goes after Jericho, who exits the ring once again, whispering something once again. Jericho is thrown off the ropes, countering with a Shoulder Tackle. Hard chop by Jericho. Rhodes with a Rising Righthand, made famous by his brother Dustin. Jericho exits the ring once again, pointing at Dean Malenko who stands, starring him down. Jericho re-enters the ring once again. Rhodes with a waistlock on Jericho who counters, getting a wristlock of his own. Rhodes with a standing switch, Jericho counters with another wristlock. Rhodes breaks Jericho's grip.

Jericho gets yet another wristlock on Rhodes, back and forth. Rhodes drops to his knees, knocking Jericho out of the ring. Rhodes with a spear through the middle ropes onto Jericho into the barracades. Both men are back in the ring, Rhodes with a pin attempt on Jericho, kick out. Jericho in the corner of the ring, Rhodes working on the arm of Jericho once again before adding multiple chops to the chest of Jericho. Back and forth between the two, Jericho is on the mat. The referee checks on a bright red faced Jericho. Rhodes pulls Jericho back to his feet.

Rhodes with a Cover Slam on Jericho for the two count. Rhodes knocks Jericho out of the ring, jumping over the top rope, taking a header landing face first as Jericho moves out of the way. Rhodes bleeding profusely, impairing his vision as his upper right eye is split. The Doctor checks Rhodes injury, but doesn't stop the match. Jericho raises his own hands in a "victory" walk around the ring, sitting in the chair in the ring. Rhodes makes his way back into the ring. Jericho kicks Rhodes. Jericho throws the chair out of the ring before pulling Rhodes to his knees and some strong right hands to the forehead of Rhodes.

Jericho throws Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes is hit by Hager on the outside of the ring. Rhodes climbs back up on the apron, Jericho slams Rhodes onto the top rope, abdomen first. Rhodes is struggling to his feet, Jericho pulls Rhodes towards him and begins punching Rhodes in the face once again.

Rhodes builds momentum and finally retaliates on Jericho, short lived as Jericho counters, knocking Rhodes to the mat once again. Rhodes now in the corner of the ring as Jericho puts his boot on Rhodes neck, shoving him into the turnbuckle even more. A shoulder shove into the abdomen of Rhodes followed by multiple backhands and chops on Rhodes. Rhodes to the top rope for a Moonsault attempt, nobody's home.

Jericho takes this opportunity for a pin attempt, Rhodes kicks out at two. Jericho with a headlock on Rhodes makes his way back to a vertical base. Knee to the solarplex of Rhodes following Rhodes elbow on Jericho. The crowd is clapping and stomping trying to help build momentum for Rhodes who is being stretched by Rhodes. Rhodes with a Hip Toss on Jericho. The crowd is chanting, "Cody, Cody" as his head begins bleeding again. Dropkick by Jericho with another two count pin attempt.

Jericho gets his knee between the shoulder blades of Rhodes, trying to lock in a submission. Rhodes makes his way back to his feet, throwing a couple good right hands. Rhodes with a Diamond Cutter and a two count pin attempt on Jericho this time. MJF is looking on from the outside of the ring. Rhodes powering up, feeding off the energy of the crowd. Rhodes with multiple knuckle knot blows on Jericho, who is sent to the outside of the apron. Rhodes with a major kick to the head of Jericho.

Once again, the crowd is chanting, "Cody, Cody". Rhodes makes his way to the outside of the ring, Jericho picks Rhodes up and slams his body into the turn post on the outside. Rhodes laying on the outside of the ring. Jericho points at Rhodes mom who smacks Jericho across the face. Rhodes with a Spear and once again Rhodes mom smacks Jericho. A quick embrace between Rhodes and his mother before Rhodes makes his way back into the ring. Rhodes with a Whale Drop on Jericho and another two count.

Jericho is still laying on the mat, Rhodes with a "Woo" before locking in a Figure Four on Jericho. The crowd cheering as Jericho is seen suffering and screaming while waving his hands. Jericho turns Rhodes over to counter the weight. Rhodes flips over as well and grabs the rope. Hager with another hit on Rhodes from the outside. Rhodes throws Jericho into Hager, as Jericho stumbles backwards, Rhodes rolls him up for a pin attempt. Referee Aubrey sends from the match. Jericho grabs the title belt and waits for Rhodes to get back to his feet.

Rhodes is hit in the forehead with his own championship belt, Jericho throws it outside of the ring before the referee sees what happened. Jericho crawls across the mat to Rhodes, throwing his arm over the chest of Rhodes. Kick out at two. Rhodes makes his way back to his feet and hits a Crossbow on Jericho for a near fall. Rhodes looks spent with his cheek laying against the mat. Both men laying in the middle of the ring barely moving.

The crowd begins chanting, "This is awesome!" over and over and both men struggle to their knees. Right hands being exchanged between the two as both men make their way back to their feet. Rhodes with a little American Dream action. Rhodes with another close call, pinning Jericho who kicked out at two. The crowd is chanting Rhodes name now. Jericho counters a move by Rhodes and gets a two count of his own. Jericho is hanging on the second rope trying to catch his breath. Rhodes doing the same on the mat in the center of the ring.

Jericho walks over to Rhodes with a big boot to the back of the head. Jericho back in control, choking Rhodes with his knee onto Rhodes neck into the second rope. Jericho takes off his belt and begins whipping Rhodes who is crawling around the ring. Rhodes is hugging himself in pain in the center of the ring as the referee takes the belt from Jericho.

Jericho pulls Rhodes back to his feet as he sits on the top turnbuckle. Rhodes with a big kick on Jericho. Rhodes makes his way up top, Jericho trying to get Walls of Jericho-like submission on Rhodes, who is making the long crawl towards the ropes. The crowd once again chants Rhodes name as he grabs the rope. Jericho is forced to let go. Jericho hammering away at the open wound of Rhodes. The referee tells Jericho to stop, Jericho shoves the ref. Rhodes rolls up Jericho for a 2 count once again.

Jericho gets another Walls of Jericho submission move, MJF throws in the towel for Rhodes as he can't take watching the torture any longer. Jericho grabs the belt and exits the ring.

Winner and STILL AEW World's Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

After The Match: MJF Shows True Colors

After the match, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF, looks distraught. He approaches Cody and he looks so emotional and upset that he had to throw in the towel. He tries to explain himself to Cody as Cody finally comes to, but he's in no mood to hear it.

With the loss, Cody can no longer challenge for the AEW World's Heavyweight Championship for the rest of his career. MJF and Cody stand up, while The Inner Circle celebrates, with #ALittleBitOfTheBubbley, with Chris Jericho on the stage.

Finally, out of nowhere, it happens. MJF shows his true colors by taking out Cody with a cheap shot. The fans erupt with boos as MJF screams at Cody, yelling at him for being selfish and screaming that it's "My Time Now!" As MJF heads to the back while fans are still booing, a couple of fans throw full drinks that splash all over MJF while the camera was doing a close-up. Check out photos of the main event, including the post-match angle with MJF throwing in the towel and then attacking Cody by CLICKING HERE.

Unsanctioned "Lights Out" Match
Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega

The pre-match video package for this one is airing now. Our final "non-match" of the evening here at AEW Full Gear -- the unsanctioned "Lights Out" showdown between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega is next.

It is announced the lights will go out, when they come back on, AEW is not responsible for what happens during this unsanctioned match-up.

Out first is Kenny Omega who is announced as his music chimes in the arena and the pyro goes off at the top of the ramp. Omega makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Moxley, as his music sounds in the arena. Moxley enters through the crowd as he is announced. Moxley quickly enters the ring. Both men are in each other's faces instantly, the referee seperates them and sends them to their corners. Moxley shoves the referee, the bell rings, and the match begins.

Omega with a high hook, taking Moxley down early on in the match up. A right hand by Omega. A Blackhole by Moxley, leaving Omega laying on the mat. "Unsanctioned, huh? Let me get some fucking garbage." Moxley says as he throws a trash can in the ring. Omega regains the offensive advantage on Moxley as they are both now on the outside of the ring. Omega with a Double Foot Kick on Moxley over the barracade. Beer thrown into the eyes of Moxley.

Omega with a Double Foot Stomp off the side of the stairs onto the chest of Moxley. Omega dominating Moxley back towards the ring with random power moves, hitting with anything that isn't nailed down. Omega throws Moxley back into the ring. The crowd is going wild. Omega holding his arm against his stomach in the center of the ring as Moxley looks for a weapon under the apron. Moxley with a bat wrapped in barbed wire. A shot to the back of Omega. Another shot to the back of Omega.

Moxley asks Omega if he wants to quit, to which he replies, "no". Moxley puts the barbed wire bat on the back of Omega and stomps on it. Moxley attempts to wrap that barbed wire bat around the face of Omega. Omega regains speed in this match up, Omega hits Moxley with the trashcan followed by a Pile Driver. Omega back on the outside of the ring, shaking his head "no" at each thing he finds under the apron. Omega looks again, finds a table that he sets up against the baracade on the outside of the ring. Omega once again goes under the apron and grabs a big pipe wrapped with barbed wire.

Moxley comes out of nowhere with the trash can, throwing it from inside the ring onto Omega. Omega still holding the pipe covered in barbed wire makes his way into the ring, attacking Moxley with the weapon. The crowd begins to chant, "AEW" over and over. Omega with a pin attempt on Moxley. Omega now on the outside of the ring, looking under the ring for something, finding a trashcan, throwing it into the ring. Moxley still holding the back of his head as Omega is setting something up. A trashcan covering the top turnbuckle as Omega picks Moxley up and moves him closer to the corner. Omega flips off the top rope holding the trash can, landing on Moxley for another pin attempt.

Omega pulls out a large board covered in mouse traps ready to snap, Omega pushes it into the ring. Moxley hits Omega. Omega and Moxley thowing elbows back and forth. Omega with a chop and a big knee. Moxley drops Omega with a thunderous Clothesline. Moxley pulls the board covered in mouse traps closer to Omega. Moxley flips Omega onto the the board, mouse traps snapping as Omega jolts around on the board trying to get off.

Moxley with a big boot to the face of Omega. Moxley back under the apron. Moxley pulls out multiple AEW gold anchor chains, throwing them into the ring. A kick to the face of Omega. Sidewalk Slam onto the chains for Omega followed by a pin attempt. Omega kicks out at two. Neck Breaker by Moxley, followed by another pin attempt. Omega kicks out again. Moxley absorbing every hit by Omega.

Moxley wraps the chain around Omega's mouth, attempting to break his jaw as promised. Omega hits Moxley with the trashcan lid as Omega is going for the Rearnaked Choke. Moxley slamming Omega onto the mat before exiting the ring once more, looking under the apron, still trying to find something. Moxley returns to the ring with what looks like an ice pick. Omega fights back with the chain wrapped around his hand. Moxley attempts to hit Omega with the ice pick, misses, stabbing the top turnbuckle. Omega counters, but Moxley regains control. Moxley calls for the finish signaling the "cut throat". Snap Dragon Suplex by Omega onto Moxley. Omega once again with the Snap Dragon Suplex. Then a third.

Omega now wraps the chain around the neck of Moxley before throwing him over the top rope, basically choking Moxley out. Luckily the blood on Omega's hands made him drop the chains, dropping Moxley to the outside of the ring. Omega over the top rope, both men crashing through the table that had been set up earlier against the baracade. Omega gets back to his feet, Moxley still laying on the table. Omega drags Moxley to his feet then throws Moxley back into the ring before looking under the apron himself.

Omega finds what he was looking for, it is inside of a black bag, tied up. Omega pulls out a broken piece of glass, seemingly from the table that Moxley broke. Omega attempts to cut the face of Moxley. Moxley grabs the glass in his hand tightly as Omega goes back to the back, crushing the glass in the bag with his boot. Omega dumps all the shards of broken glass in the center of the ring. Moxley backs up. Moxley is slammed onto the broken glass, Omega with a pin attempt, Moxley kicks out.

Moxley is shaking while laying on top of the glass. Omega begins to drag Moxley back and forth across the glass. Moxley uses the ropes to pull himself upright. Omega is seen picking up shards of glass as Moxley is rocking back and forth on the mat, grabbing the rope, trying to get back to his feet. Omega smiles holding the glass, Omega is grabbing the jaw of Moxley, trying to shove the glass in his mouth. Moxley counters with a giant Suplex onto the glass. Omega with a counter. Moxley climbs out of the ring and begins to crawl up the entrance ramp. Omega breathing heavily in the ring, grabs the ice pick out of the turnbuckle. Maybe a screwdriver? Omega starts slowly walking up the ramp, close behind Moxley.

Omega drags the weapon across the forehead of Moxley in the middle of the ramp. Omega looks out at the crowd, telling the Young Bucks to "bring it". Adam Page tries to reason with Omega, all the men are saying, "No, it's too much". Omega pleads with them as they agree to get whatever it is Omega wants to be brought in. They re-enter the arena with a barbed wire spiderweb of sorts. Omega lifts Moxley onto his shoulders like a child. Moxley breaks free, countering holding Omega in a fireman's carry.

Moxley picks Omega up, Suplexing Omega onto the barbed wire. Both men now stuck in the barbed wire next to the ramp, the wire wrapped around their bodies. Several men come out, basically attempting to dig them out of the wire. Several referees and officials trying to drag both men out, who are covered in bloody marks. Omega is freed first. Moxley so caught in the wire, it takes more effort to break him free.

Moxley up to his feet, Omega still struggling to his feet. Moxley assaulting anyone trying to help Omega. Moxley goes for a Suplex, Omega counters hitting Moxley with a big light. Double Foot stomp by Omega onto Moxley. Both men laying inside the big light through the broken plexiglass by the stage next to the ramp. Both men make their way through the crowd. Omega almost chasing Moxley through the crowd. Moxley re-enters the ring, followed by Omega. Moxley gets the PS on Omega for the two count pin attempt.

Moxley exits the ring and begins to cut away the ties holding the canvas to the ring, cutting over half the ties, exposing the padding and wood under the canvas. Omega is trying to crawl across the unlifted canvas. Moxley pulls Omega onto the bare wood. Omega counters with a Back Body Drop. Omega looks mad, hitting Moxley with a knee in the back. Omega using Moxley's finisher in another pin attempt, Moxley kicks out. Omega climbs to the top rope, Moxley rolls out of the way, Omega missing the Phoenix Splash. Omega going face first onto the wood.

Moxley with the cover, Omega kicks out. Moxley gets the upperhand now, getting an EPS on Omega followed by the pin for the three count and the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After The Match:

Moxley leans in close to the camera and says, "F*ck you, that's how it works."

The match highlights are re-shown as the announcers review big moves in the match. Amazing highlight reel from this match.

Moxley trying to catch his breath saying, "Be careful what you wish for... Mothaf*ckers," as he leans back against the turnbuckle once again trying to catch his breath in the corner of the ring.

Omega is being looked over by medics in the center of the ring as the show fades to black.

That will do it for AEW Full Gear. Thanks for joining us.

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