AEW Star Explains Why Spoilers Getting Out Is Bad For The Business

AEW star Frankie Kazarian from SCU recently spoke with the Wrestling Perspective podcast on the importance of not leaking spoilers, claiming that nothing positive ever comes from showing fans "how the doughnuts get made." Hear the former tag team champion's full thoughts on the subject below.

Says nothing positive comes from leaking out spoilers:

“It’s very important that [spoilers] don’t get out. I mean, we tape live, or we shoot live, and then we tape. And everybody wants AEW to succeed. Nobody wants to be that guy that’s leaking spoilers because that’s such a bad business move for an employee or for a wrestler. I think everyone’s just very adamant about [it.] We’re very tight-knit as a wrestling family, and everybody really tries to keep everything close to the veil. And I just think we’ve been, I guess you could call it fortunate when, all it takes is one bad egg to leak. But the thing is, spoilers and leaks and all that, nothing positive ever comes out of a spoiler or leak."

Says AEW is very cognizant on working together:

“So like, we’re really cognizant on, we’re all working together, you know. Sometimes on taped shows, we do stuff that has a bit of a ‘wow’ factor and has a surprise element to it. And we don’t want that getting out because all that’s gonna do is damage what we’re trying to produce and damage our product. So I just think we’ve been very fortunate, and I think we’ve got a good team of people in front of the camera and behind the camera that are really steadfast on not letting those secrets get out or letting people know how the doughnuts are made.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)