AEW/NWA Star Thunder Rosa Forced To Relinquish Her Title For Joshi-Pro

NWA women's champion Thunder Rosa announced on Twitter that she has been stripped of the Tokyo Joshi Pro International Princess Championship. Rosa explains that because of the travel restriction put in place from the COVID-19 pandemic, she no longer has the ability to defend the title for the Joshi Pro in Japan.

She writes, "This really sucks! Since I won the championship in January I was not able to defend it due to the #COVID19 Unable to travel I have to reliquish my title. good luck@to the next winner cause when all this is over I’m coming back to whip your ass."

Some fans were unsure as to which belt Rosa was referring, and assumed she had her NWA women's title taken away. She later clarified by writing, "This is in regards to the Tokyo Joshi Pro International Princess Champion."

NWA champion Nick Aldis would later add, "She's referring to a Championship in Japan, not the NWA title folks. Further proof that a staggering number of fans on Twitter don't read things in full before weighing in. SMH."

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