AIW A Touch Of Evil Results (8/27): Danhausen, Tom Lawlor, More In Action

Late last night, AIW held their A Touch of Evil event. The show went down live from The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio, and aired on IWTV. Check out the results below.

AIW A Touch Of Evil Results (8/27)

- To Infinity And Beyond def. Bulking Season
- Chase Oliver def. Lee Moriarty
- 40 Acres def. Brian Carson & Casey Carrington
- Tom Lawlor def. Ethan Wright
- Mance Warner def. Kaplan
- The Bitcoin Boyz (w/ The Duke) def. The Mane Event
- Matthew Justice def. Levi Everett
- Derek Dillinger (w/Ziggy Haim) def. Danhausen
- AIW Absolute & AIW Intense Championships - Intense Rules: Joshua Bishop (c) vs. Philly Collins (no contest)