AJ Lee Says Seeing CM Punk's Comeback Didn't Spark Anything In Her To Want To Return

AJ Lee recently appeared as a guest on The Sessions with Renee Paquette for an in-depth interview.

During the discussion, the former WWE Superstar and better-half of CM Punk spoke about whether or not seeing "The Best in the World" return to the business sparked anything inside her that made her want to return.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where she touches on this topic with her thoughts.

“The conversation was a conversation that was way longer than people knew, with many things happening in the universe. There were many options. It was a very long time of, ‘what’s the right route? What’s the safest route? What does it look like?’ It was something I was scared of, just seeing what would emotionally happen. That was more or less for his stuff. To me, I retired and I retired.

“I always say, ‘never say never, but don’t hold your breath’ and everyone holds on to the ‘never say never.’ [laughing] Don’t hold your breath, you’re going to die. I just wanted him to be emotionally safe and protected. That’s been the coolest thing about his experience. It feels like he’s always in a safe space and has a good group of people around him in AEW, that makes me very happy. There was a lot of ‘Let’s go!’ To me, that didn’t spark anything in me, but the combination of wrestling and writing, wrestling and producing, that was more comfortable and more exciting because it was a challenge.

“I always felt great about the timing of when I retired. You never want to be the last girl at the party, you want to go out on top. Everything felt so perfect and tied up in a bow. I know his experience is different. To me, I didn’t want him, or me with WOW, anything to feel like you were the person going back to hang out with high school kids. I was hoping it wasn’t that and it seems to not be.”

Check out the complete interview at Audacy.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.