AJ Styles Talks At Length About Being Paired With Omos, Claims WWE Made It Hard At Times

As noted, AJ Styles recently spoke with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport for an in-depth interview.

In addition to the highlights we previously published from the discussion here on the website, "The Phenomenal One" also sounded off on WWE pairing him up with Omos for a tag-team run.

While touching on the topic, the longtime wrestling veteran noted that he had fun working with the big man, but pointed out that WWE made it hard at times.

Featured below are some highlights from the interview where he elaborates on this subject.

On admitting it was exciting to work with Omos at first, but WWE did make it more difficult at times: “I thought, ‘here is an opportunity for me to help this young monster develop and be someone unbelievable one day. It was exciting at first when we were tag champs, but then there was a lot of times where we were spinning our wheels based on what we were given and the parameters in which we could do it. It did make it difficult.”

On enjoying his work with Omos but feeling like the pairing eventually ran its course: “It was a good time to end it. He needs to be able to learn to do it himself and there is only so much you can explain to someone. Until you’re doing it yourself and you’re learning as you go, it’s guys like Kurt Angle who are able to learn so quickly because they were in the ring with so many other great athletes that they develop so quickly.”

On some strong praise he can give to Omos: “He could be one of the greatest superstars ever. He could be just like Andre The Giant. He’s bigger than Andre, I think, I could be wrong, I never met Andre. He’s a massive human being. To have him stand in front of you, you have to see it to believe it. He’s not a goofy giant. He’s a very smart individual. I think he’s more than capable of doing it himself instead of having a mouthpiece, he doesn’t need that. Time will tell. Some people can handle it, some people can’t. You can only do so much for someone and then they have to take control of their own career.”

Check out the complete BT Sport interview with AJ Styles via the video embedded below.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)