Aleister Black Issues Cryptic Statement Talking About A Change Of Consciousness

WWE superstar and former NXT champion Aleister Black issued a statement on his Instagram addressing the recent attack by Seth Rollins and Murphy a few weeks ago on Raw. Black mentions that the incident has "changed his consciousness," and promises that this will all end soon.

I’ve been having a change of consciousness. Not in a revelation kind of way, but more in the sense that I understand more and more what was done to me now makes sense. I was innocent and therefor blind to the world, my father was right to destroy that. I tried re-creating my innocence for nearly 25 years only to realize now I wasn’t in ruins at all because of what happened: I was a fortress. And foolishly I ignored all the signs. I promise you this will end soon. Just hold out a little longer, okay?

Black had been attempting to help Dominik Mysterio prior to being assaulted by Rollins and Murphy. A week prior he took a pinfall loss to Rollins, which was only his first singles-loss since facing Tommaso Ciampa at NXT Takeover Phoenix in 2019.