Alex Hammerstone Believes His Appearance Caused His Career To Suffer

Alex Hammerstone recently phoned in for an interview with Konnan, and discussed something he believes set his career back.

The MLW National Openweight Champion appeared as the guest on Keepin It 100, and spoke about having a similar look to the head man of NXT, Triple H. Hammerstone made a few appearances in NXT, and explained why he believes his career took a hit there. Hammerstone told listeners:

''When he said that (Scott D’Amore telling Hammerstone he looked too much like HHH), he was the final straw because I had been getting that a little bit up until then. I never tried to look like HHH. I beat around the idea of expanding and changing up what I was doing. It was that constant internal struggle of, well, what I’m doing has got me here. I’m main-eventing all these indies, but it’s not getting me any further”.

Alex went on to talk about how he changed his image, along with all of the other aspects of his work. Alex said:

''I cut the hair. Then I was like, if I cut the hair, that’s going to be such a shock. I might as well change up my entire presentation and change my music and my character and the way I do promos”.

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)