Alex Shelley Reveals Who He Believes Is Going To Be The Future Of IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Alex Shelley recently spoke with Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl on the "In The Weeds" program on a number of topics such as who he believes is going to be the future of the company.

Alex Shelley said:

“Trey’s journey is a profound one. He is somebody who I met when I first came back to IMPACT during the pandemic. Right away, I gravitated towards him. From then on, we became friends, but also partners, and he credits me with a lot of his ‘university-level training,’ which I think is really cool. To me, that’s an honor, to be able to have fingerprints on guys. He’s going to be the future of this company, one way or another. X-Division, Tag division, Heavyweight division…World division? I’m so proud of him. Having persevered in a lot of ways, and granted, he behaves differently now, but at the same time, to face everything head-on and tackle all the odds he has, deserves nothing but respect.”

You can check out Alex Shelley's full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.