Alexa Bliss On Her Training In NXT, How She Respects Stars Who Did Bra and Panties Matches

WWE superstar and former five-time women's world champion Alexa Bliss spoke to FOX Network's Charlotte Wilder to talk all things pro wrestling. One notable topic was Bliss bringing up her training in NXT, and how she and other women weren't required to learn certain moves, with the idea of them having more of a catfight than a match. She also thanks the stars who had bra and panties matches before her, but says she could never have done it.

When I first started in NXT, there were certain moves we weren't required to learn because we were never going to do them. The idea was a catfight. It all changed for me when I was watching a match with Paige and Emma. They did a top rope suplex and we were like, 'Hell yeah, this is where it's all going to change.' It was awesome because it shows our women are athletic, can do what the men do, and can be seen in a different light. I respect the women who had to do the bra and panties match because I could never do it. Kudos, I couldn't do it. You've got to respect that because they did that, for us to do what we do now.

Check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)