Alexa Bliss Still Not Impressed By Ronda Rousey, Talks Evolution II and Who She Wants To Face

Former five-time WWE women's champion Alexa Bliss recently appeared on the Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling show to talk all things pro-wrestling, including how she wants a future showdown with Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Highlights are below.

On who she would want to face at Evolution II:

Probably Trish because that was the match that was originally supposed to happen or a tag match with Lita; I think it would be a lot of fun. I think the original match of what it was supposed to be is the one that I would want to have so I can go back and mark that off my match bucket list.

Whether Ronda Rousey changed the roster for the better:

I don’t think it’s changed that much. Our whole roster is dependent on more than just one person and I think that there wouldn’t be an impact of Ronda Rousey if it wasn’t for the women of opposite of her in the ring helping her get there. A lot of bodies laid down for her success and I think it just shows that all of our women can be main eventers and all of our women can have that spotlight and obviously it was great having Ronda in WWE but I think it’s a group effort and it’s a team effort.

On her debut in NXT:

I think my least cool moment in WWE was when I debuted in NXT. I was a very unrelatable character it was just basically tinkerbell in a wrestling ring and I think that was definitely my least cool moment in WWE especially because I was I debuted I had two matches and then I wasn’t really booked in about eight months so I think that was my least cool character and least cool moment in WWE. You know, when you’re new it’s hard to uh you know connect to the crowd unless you have a really established character which I didn’t and it wasn’t relatable and so I would say the two glitter days of Alexa Bliss for sure.

Full interview can be watched below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)