"All Ego" Ethan Page Talks AEW's Canadian Debut, Dream Opponents & more

-- AEW wrestler 'All Ego' Ethan Page was recently a guest on Vibe 105.5FM in Toronto, Canada. During the interview, he talked about AEW's upcoming debut in Canada, AEW's product, whether he feels pressure with AEW's first shows in Canada, dream opponents in AEW, his YouTube channel, and much more.

Interview Info:
Interviewers - Giancarlo Aulino and Aaron Zaretsky
Guest - 'All Ego' Ethan Page
Outlet - Vibe 105.5FM Toronto

Ethan Page on his experience in AEW so far:
"Incredible. I liken it to any of the top leagues in any sports. AEW is the top of its industry. We have the best show, the best athletes, the strongest roster, and they allow us to create our own characters and presentation and brand not only on the television show, but outside of the company as well. I'm allowed to continue my YouTube channel, have my own fansite to build my own audience in hopes of bringing these outside viewers into AEW, which I've seen happen with my toy hunts. So, working with AEW has been incredible from day-one and our relationship grows literally every single week so I can't wait to see what I'm doing with AEW the next couple of years."

Ethan Page on working with Dan Lambert:
"It was awesome. It reminded me of the wrestling I watched growing up. The way the fans were reacting to it, the way Dan was presenting it, and the way we had that chemistry with the three of us. Then once we brought Paige VanZant and we had all the UFC fighters like Junior Dos Santos, Jorge Masvidal, and one of my favorites of all time Andrei Arlovski, like that's a legendary cast of characters all put together and to be a part of that was amazing. But to be in the middle of the ring, not being able to hear a single thing that I'm saying, Scorpio is saying, or Dan is saying because of loud and insane the crowd is, that in itself is like a compliment and a pat on the back and something that not many people in the world would be able to experience. I couldn't even think. I couldn't form a sentence because of how loud the crowd was. I hope everyone in the world gets to experience it once just cause I was like blown away by it, it's magical but that is a testament to like I said, the atmosphere that AEW fans bring and the show that AEW puts on."

Ethan Page on wrestlers he hasn't worked with yet but would like to work with:
"I have not wrestled Bryan Danielson yet. I think that is a match that not many people would put together but I would. I like to throw down in the ring, I know he does too. He's one of the best wrestlers in the world, I would love to test myself against him."

"I'm trying to think of Canadians too because I've already wrestled Christian, I would love a rematch, you know try and get the victory this time. I've already wrestled Chris Jericho. Myself and Scorpio Sky beat Jericho and (Jake) Hager at Grand Slam in front of 22,000...no big deal, new Canadian icon here. But I would say if I was to wrestle a fellow Canadian, I would love to wrestle Kenny Omega. Everybody says he's the 'Best Bout Machine', we'll see."

Ethan Page on some of the veterans that have offered him great advice:
"I got to wrestle Sting in my first real I guess story in AEW, so whether he gave me advice or not, I'll keep that to myself but just to be able to be in the ring with someone with that much experience wrestling in his early-60s. You have to understand the amount of people he shared a ring with, the amount of situations he's had to navigate during live television. You can't help but learn from people like that or guys like Arn Anderson, who are willing to grab you in the back and give you advice. Chris Jericho when we're not punching each other in the face or hating each other, we seem to get along a little bit better now but he's another guy that gives great advice. Christian - same thing. There is a wealth of knowledge backstage. Jim Ross, another great mind. This is the guy that hired The Rock, that's one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Why would I not want to talk to the person that saw the diamond in the rough in Dwayne Johnson when other people didn't. There's so many guys backstage that I try my best to get as much out of as possible."