Anthony Bowens Says Pro Wrestling Is Harder Than Baseball, Talks About Plans For Post-Wrestling Career

Anthony Bowens respects the live athletic performance that is involved in the pro wrestling industry.

During a recent interview with Jacqueline Cutler of, one-half of the AEW World Tag-Team Champions, The Acclaimed, spoke about pro wrestling being harder than pro baseball, as well as how he wants to do other forms of performance and entertainment after he is done with the pro wrestling industry.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On how pro wrestling is harder than hitting a 98-mile-per-hour fast ball in Major League Baseball: “We’re not just in there doing things on a whim. There are strategies. There’s listening to the audience because you’re simulating a fight, so you have to create a story. There are so many different layers and aspects to it. I’ve been in the batter’s box with people throwing 98 miles an hour, and they say the hardest thing to do is to hit a baseball that fast in sports. It’s very hard, but professional wrestling is much harder.”

On seeing pro wrestling as a performance and a form of entertainment done by true athletes: “I just want to keep proving that I am an elite performer and I’m one of the best out there. People can turn on the TV and see a spectacular, entertaining performance.”

On wanting to extend his talent and abilities as a performer past the pro wrestling world: “I want to do everything. Professional wrestling is my love. I will do that as long as I can. But on the side, I’d like to start setting foundations where I’ll have something to fall back on. And you know, my creativity leads to still being on camera and also having an outlet to express all that outside of just YouTube.”

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