Arn Anderson Says Vince McMahon Was Known To Be Notorious For Farting

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW talent "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson recently took to his the ARN Podcast and talked about his time in the WWE as an agent, which last over a decade. Arn Anderson was asked who in the WWE was known to be notorious for farting, to which the WWE Hall of Famer said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and The Big Show.

Anderson said, “Vince [McMahon] used to fart up in gorilla all the time and it would fill the room.” “He would sit over there, you’d see him, he’s laughing his ass off because everybody was gagging. Gerry Briscoe was big time gagging who had a sense of stomach. All that protein Vince was eating, you could imagine how bad."

“The [Big Show] was the worst. It had sound effects and he would walk in the room and look around and you know he had been holding it and have his bags in his hand and look around the room and it was like two big chicken breasts flapping together. The funk? Oh. People would be running for the door and getting jammed in the door two of them at a time. It was terrible, that’s the two that stand out.”

Arn then talked about WWE having a great employee package, where after a couple of years they get two weeks vacation, after five years it is up to as much as a month of vacation time you could use during that year.

Anderson said, “They had a great employee package.” “After a couple years you got two weeks, after five years it up to as much as a month of vacation time you could use during that year."

“Trust me, that was the only days off you got. You didn’t ask for days off aside from that. You had to fit in everything you wanted to do, as far as vacation wise with your family, had to fit in that window. Just don’t ask for days off any other time because it was a no-no. I don’t think Vince even knew that was a part of the employee package or he would’ve stamped it out.”