Aron Stevens On What Brought Him Back To Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestling veteran Aron Stevens recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast and talked about how mental health has been a problem in the industry that sometimes you question in real life where you fit in.

Aron Stevens said:

“This is a problem in this industry.” “We’re so used to these big personalities, and being something so huge, but sometimes in real life you’re not sure where you fit in.”

Aron Stevens also talked about how he got to experience the business in a new way through the eyes of his long-time personal friend and on-screen “Sensei” The Question Mark.

Aron Stevens said:

“I got to experience the business through his eyes.”

“For a long time, I don’t want to say I took [wrestling] for granted, but I kind of did.” “Not everyone gets this. Not everyone has the genuine appreciation from the fans. I’m not even saying ‘adulation,’ just appreciation.”

Aron Stevens then spoke about how he was angry at the pro wrestling business for a while, but through his long-time friend, his love for pro wrestling was restored and now he doesn't want to waste time.

Aron Stevens said:

“I was angry at the business for a while.” “I said ‘Enough,’ and that’s why I left. I was in it with NWA, but I wasn’t completely sure.” "My love for wrestling is restored and now, I don’t want to waste any more time.”

“With acting and everything being the way it is, I can still wrestle full time; that’s kind of my goal now.” “I’m amping things up and proving I can do this on a full-time basis again. It’s a wonderful thing.” “But I wish [Hudson] was here to experience it with me.”

You can check out Aron Stevens' comments in the video below: