Austin Aries Says He Hasn't Lived a Flawless Life But Isn't a Sexual Predator

-- Austin Aries' name has been thrown out as part of the ongoing #SpeakingOut movement on social media with multiple women accusing him of sexual inappropriateness/misconduct. One woman claims that after she invited Aries and another wrestler to sleep in her apartment, the arrangement was the wrestlers would be on the floor and the two women on the bed, however, at some point in the night, Aries climbed into bed between the women and but his hand on one of their thighs. Another woman said Aries asked her multiple times to dance for him and then kept inviting her into his room, which she declined. A third woman claims Aries told her to lift her shirt up to see her bra and hen asked if it matches her underwear. Aries did not specifically acknowledge any of these incidents but had the following to say: