The Authors of Pain Reportedly Have Retired; Tag Team Refutes Report Saying Their Aren't Done Yet

-- The Authors of Pain, Rezar and Akam, were released by WWE back in September of 2020 and not much has been known about them since that. A report from indicates that there were discussions last year about bringing them in various promotions but there was "no movement" on that front, specifically with AEW management who were unsure about whether the tag team would be a good fit with the promotion, however, they did leave open the possibility of working together down the road. Their names were also brought up to NJPW management but that didn't go anywhere either as the promotion wasn't looking to bring in any new talent due to financial reasons likely due to pandemic. This story also goes onto report that when another promoter reached out to the Authors of Pain for possible work, they were informed that both wrestlers had "retired" and the two are reportedly now working regular jobs outside of the wrestling industry.

-- The Authors of Pain's Rezar then posted to Instagram suggesting that the reports of retirement are untrue by simply saying "Ain’t done yet bitches."