Backstage Details On TNA's Virtual Meeting With Talent Following Scott D'Amore's Departure

– Scott D’Amore was suddenly fired from his role as President of TNA Wrestling yesterday and the company held a quick meeting on Zoom with talent to relay that development as well as to announce the appointment of Anthony Cicone, who steps in as the new President and will handle the bulk of the day-to-day operations of the promotion. Anthem Sports head Len Asper was also on the call.

– The meeting seemed to get off on the wrong foot immediately when the two executives stated that D’Amore “stepped down” from his role when that was not only not the case, but even TNA’s official press release on their website indicated that he was terminated from his role. This obviously did not sit well with several talent according to and one wrestler commented that it “wasn’t the way to start off” a new relationship with the locker room considering many of them like D’Amore. Some wrestlers reportedly grew “extremely angry” and had to be settled down by some of the “veterans” who attempted to smooth over the situation by encouraging those upset to keep an open mind.

– One story that has been going around backstage in the TNA locker room is that the reason for firing D’Amore is because Anthem as the parent company wanted the wrestling brand to be more like the overall company and felt that to date, it was too “D’Amore-centric” since D’Amore was regularly on TV and was the head of the company both on and off TV.