Backstage Details on Why NXT's Damian Priest Was Not Immediately Called Up to Smackdown

-- As we have reported over the last day, there were plans to call up NXT's Damian Priest to Friday Night Smackdown and immediately insert him into the top program that currently features Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Kevin Owens. This idea has seemingly been put on a temporary hold for the time being but on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the plan was for Priest to show up on Smackdown as the "best friend" of Owens to help him in his feud with Reigns and Uso. This was initiated by at least one WWE official feeling as if the blue brand was short on babyfaces. Furthermore, with Priest headed to Smackdown, the plan was to have a tag team match on the show with him teaming up with Owens to take on Reigns and Uso.

-- This report further adds that the plan appears to have been nixed - last week - after Owens told people that it didn't make sense for Priest to show up and suddenly become his best friend given that they have nothing in common. He reportedly did say he would go along with it but wanted to establish a valid reason why. In the end, Roman Reigns also agreed with KO and Priest, while ready and present backstage at Smackdown, was not used.