Backstage Discussions Have Occurred Recently About Launching Two New WWE Women's Titles

-- There may be some changes coming to the WWE women's division in the near future and it would be in the form of more title belts that would be up for grabs.

-- is reporting that while there has not been definitive "yes" in response to this, WWE has been internally discussing launching two new championships - a Women's United States title and a Women's Intercontinental title, each of which would land on one of the two main brands - Raw or Smackdown - and be defended exclusively there.

-- There have been images circulating online purporting to be that of the new belts, however, the report stated that those pictures are not real graphics of the championship but rather rendered by AI. Talent within WWE have not heard any news on the new belts yet but it is something that many of them have reportedly pushed for over the last few years.