Backstage News on Locker Room Reaction to MJF Situation & Tony Khan's Involvement

– After a tumultuous week, MJF showed up at Double or Nothing as well as AEW Dynamite this week, cutting a promo that was designed to gain a poloarizing reaction, according to Most wrestlers within the promotion have concluded that the entire situation was either a work from the beginning or a work from MJF’s side, with questions still surrounding the level of involvement from AEW President Tony Khan, especially since he’s previously gone on record to state that working talent isn’t something that should be expected in his promotion. Some wrestlers also noted that if this “feud” escalated as a "shoot" for longer than this weekend, they would have been frustrated as both sides had assured everyone that everything was real. Furthermore, with MJF missing his scheduled meet-and-greet, others had to stay over time in order to make up for his absence.

– Still, some wrestlers have stated that they generally don’t involve themselves in anything regarding MJF as it’s difficult to understand his intentions when he’s posting on social media though he’s said to not always act like MJF backstage. One “long time friend” of MJF’s noted that he was adamant backstage that the situation wasn’t a work but others believed that Tony Khan would never approve that sort of interview content on TV without a payoff. The general consensus is that it went into the direction of a work after Khan and MJF met for a face-to-face meeting Tuesday, a day before Dynamite aired.