Backstage News On NWA Samhain PPV Cocaine Controversy Affecting The CW TV Deal

There is a lot of controversy coming out of the NWA Samhain pay-per-view.

At the show, veteran pro wrestling manager James Mitchell took part in a controversial segment that ended up going viral online and on social media.

Mitchell was shown at a private seating area near the ring surrounded by scantily clad women drinking bottles of alcohol and on several occasions, was spotted snorting cocaine out in the open, and passing it around to others to do the same.

This was actually said to be the brainchild of NWA owner Billy Corgan himself, and as it turns out, was not a wise creative decision, as it looks to be affecting their television deal with The CW.

When negotiations were ongoing between the two sides, Corgan was told that the network would only be concerned with content that would be airing on their platform(s), and not on the NWA pay-per-view events.

At NWA Samhain, that all changed.

After The CW was flooded with negative feedback following the cocaine spot at the NWA Samhain pay-per-view, which has apparently led to a change in plans in terms of their arrangement, as Haus Of Wrestling is reporting that there is now a 90-percent chance that the NWA reality show and NWA Powerrr will air on The CW app and not on the actual television channel.