Backstage News on Potential Future Styles/Bryan Storyline & more

-- As noted before, WWE Super Show-Down is scheduled to begin at 5 AM ET and last four hours, even though WWE has a 5-hour window until 10 AM ET. Because of the start time being so early for the audience in North America, the WWE Network is going to air the show again in a prime time slot later in the afternoon at 7 PM ET for anyone who wants to watch it during a "normal" time period.

-- When asked about how the start time is going to affect network numbers, one WWE source said it doesn't matter as the intent of this show is not to draw viewers or network subscribers, but rather strictly for the Australian audience and on a grander scale, for international exposure.

-- As of late this week, the rumored result in the AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe WWE Title match was for Styles to go over and retain his championship. The #1 contender's match was expected to lead to a Daniel Bryan victory and with those two results, WWE will reportedly begin planting the seeds for a future Styles/Bryan storyline and a series of matches between the two, which would be interesting as both are babyfaces.