Backstage News on the Reaction to Several Wrestlers Being Sent to PC for Training

-- A recent story about a Vince McMahon directive to send multiple wrestlers to the WWE Performance Center for additional training has been making the rounds lately, with talent such as Keith Lee, Otis and Dio Madden among others attending twice weekly sessions with coaches. According to a report by, wrestlers who were in the know about this edict were told to keep it quiet (which obviously didn't happen) even though McMahon's decision did not come down to heat on any of these specific wrestlers.

-- One common reaction was that many wrestlers were baffled by Keith Lee being included in the group since he is often considered to be one of the better workers not just among big men, but overall and the conclusion was that he was being grouped in with the others due to his size. Otis was singled out by officials as someone who could work safer in the ring while most believe Maddin was sent down to his general inactivity lately as he hasn't wrestled much over the past year. AJ Styles' bodyguard "Omos", a former Nigerian basketball player, is someone who is very inexperienced and was actually to be included in the buildup to WrestleMania so his presence for further training didn't surprise anyone.

Additionally, Omos being included isn’t considered a surprise. Fightful’s sources state that WWE had originally planned to have him on RAW during the build to WrestleMania, despite the fact that he hasn’t been trained for the spot in terms of his in-ring ability.