Backstage News on Timeline of McIntyre Positive Test; Other Talent Also Test Positive

-- WWE put out a late breaking announcement yesterday prior to Raw, revealing that champion Drew McIntyre had tested positive for the covid virus and was already in quarantine. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, this topic was discussed and it was further stated that McIntyre likely tested positive on Sunday as all talent are tested a day before Raw. Furthermore, McIntyre did not test positive the week prior which would imply that he got at some point after last Monday, putting those he interacted with at the show at minimal risk. That would include Goldberg and Hulk Hogan.

-- It was also noted that along with McIntyre, at least three other superstars are said to have tested positive for COVID, with one being a top star on Friday Night Smackdown (who was subsequently pulled from last Friday’s show), another being a major star who has recovered and since returned and one being from NXT. There may likely be more positives that aren’t yet known and either way, highly likely others who will be kept off TV as the company completes its contact tracing. That would mean that even if some stars are kept off TV, it would be more for precautionary reasons rather than a telltale sign that they are recovering from the infection.