Backstage News On Why Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay Took Place At AEW Forbidden Door

-- At Sunday's AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV, Swerve Strickland defended his world title against Will Ospreay in a match that took many by surprise and a finish that shocked even more people as Ospreay took the loss - his first in AEW.

-- reports that there was some behind-the-scenes developments that led to how the match played out and that it was Ospreay who suggested how things play out after he grew "tired" of seeing people saying that Swerve's title reign was simply a "placeholder" until Ospreay wins it at All In later this summer.

-- According to the report, Ospreay approached AEW officials and communicated his desire to put over Swerve - a real life good friend - to help stop the aforementioned talking point and general lack of importance given to Strickland's reign. Ospreay already has significant creative plans in store for the rest of 2024 so he had no issues putting Swerve over and also wanted to set an example to the rest of the AEW roster that for the company to succeed, there has to be a team effort. Ospreay reportedly proposed his idea after winning the International Title and also wanted to illustrated to other talent that nobody should be above losing a match to the World Champion. After the match, some people within AEW felt that Ospreay proved his point. AEW sources have also dished out strong praise for Ospreay, stating that he has been great to deal with during his time in the company and that he has often helped out when needed, including assisting others in putting their matches together.

-- As for All In, the report also notes that both Strickland and Ospreay have diverging paths for the PPV and that they are never planned to wrestle at All In despite many believing that was the direction creative was going to go. Both wrestlers have different opponents planned as of this week.