Backstage News on WWE Freezing the Contracts of Sasha Banks & Naomi

– As noted last week, WWE publicly and privately suspended both Sasha Banks and Naomi for walking out of WWE’s Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks ago. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that this suspension is not only legitimate, but without pay and the company also pulled all of the merchandise for the two from their website meaning they will not make any additional revenue on that. The report notes that the merchandising decision was to “send a message to the locker room.”

– WWE also has the legal right to “freeze” both competitors’ current contracts with the company based on the defense that they refused to work. In the case of Naomi, this is notable in that her deal is coming up for expiration in about two months and she was reportedly already in negotiations for a more lucrative contract. Ultimately, WWE can continue to add time to their deals for however long they are out and so the only logical conclusion is that they are reinstated and return to TV to finish out the remainder of their deals or WWE would end up releasing them. Daniel Bryan, who had signed a three-year contract with WWE, ended up lasting seven years on that agreement between his injuries and WWE freezing his deal.