Backstage News on WWE's Potential Reaction to Flair Incident; Note on Charlotte's Contract

-- The incident last Friday where Charlotte Flair went off script when exchanging women’s titles reportedly left Becky Lynch “furious”, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. They add that Lynch and Flair were at one time very close friends for much of their careers, but that has not been the case lately. Not only was Lynch upset, but WWE officials were also extremely angry to the point where they took action in various ways by asking Flair to immediately leave the building and go home and later editing out significant portions of the segment on replays and streaming services that they didn’t approve of.

-- It’s unclear what WWE will do with Flair moving forward as the options are to either ignore and forget about it, fine and/or suspend her or the most drastic decision would be to release her from contract which would almost assuredly lead to her joining AEW. The Observer adds that Flair’s fiance Andrade wants his “family” (Rush, Dragon Lee, Dralistico and Ric and Charlotte) all in AEW with him though Charlotte is reportedly under contract for at least another year and at annual salary that pays her into the seven digits.