Backstage Notes on Braun Strowman's Release & His Contract With WWE

-- On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the recent releases in WWE were discussed. The main takeaway was that this group of six wrestlers who Vince McMahon had no plans for and decided to cut them as a result. Braun Strowman’s contract also likely factored into the decision to release him as paying someone $250,000 and have nothing for them vs. Strowman’s situation of having a massive contract (reported as $1.2 million annually) and sitting around not doing anything.

-- Dave Meltzer discussed Strowman’s contract in more detail, suggesting that when he signed it, he failed to negotiate a no-cut clause into the agreement, which is rare, but not impossible to get from WWE as some top guys do have that in their deals. Meltzer noted that a lot of the top wrestlers when they get offered the contract simply sign whatever is put in front of them and only look at the seven-figure pay they get as a “top guy” but never fight for no-cut clauses in the event they fall out of main event status. Meltzer also speculated that Braun Strowman’s “big thing” was being a giant and having power, but as of late, WWE has brought in other big men and one that is 9 inches taller than him, making him far less of a novelty.