Backstage Update on the WWE Contract Status of The Revival

-- Over the past week, there had been reports that Scott Dawson’s contract with WWE had expired, primarily because the wrestler tweeted “free at last” though without much context. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that actually is not the case but there are “just a few weeks” left before his deal runs out.

— It was re-iterated that The Revival have surpassed their “downside” guarantee on their existing contracts and thus, are no longer being booked. Many talent actually fall into this category where once they reach their downside, they wouldn’t get paid except for the additional days they are booked to work so that means if they aren’t used, they don’t get paid. However, some less visible talent, like Heath Slater, have a different pay structure. Slater has a $400,000 downside which is paid out in equal amounts bi-weekly over the course of the year rather than getting paid out the regular payments that would basically be house show and merchandise. The rest is then paid out at the end of the year in a lump sum if the house show/merchandise figures don’t reach the downside.

— With The Revival, the Observer notes that WWE began not using them as a way to pressure them to sign new contracts since they weren’t get paid anymore. However, Dash Wilder’s contract isn’t going to expire until probably mid-June so if they were to jump to a new promotion as a tandem, they wouldn’t be able to do that until the summer. This actually does put a lot of “economic pressure” on both wrestlers but they continue to turn down all WWE offers.