Bad Bunny Becomes The WWE 24/7 Champion Last Night On RAW

Last night's episode of RAW saw a backstage segment featuring Rapper Bad Bunny becoming the brand-new WWE 24/7 Champion by defeating Akira Tozawa, who had just won the title from R-Truth. The segment saw Bad Bunny talking with Mandy Rose, who was wearing his merch and wanted a t-shirt for her friend Dana Brooke. She then mentioned that Bad Bunny would be featured on SNL this coming weekend.

Damian Priest then approached Bad Bunny and Sarah Schreiber interviewed both Priest and Bunny. Priest and Bunny were then interrupted by the commotion of Akira Tozawa pinning R-Truth for the title change nearby. While Tozawa was celebrating, he accidentally backed into Priest and The Archer of Infamy got furious that he threw Tozawa into a stack of production cases. Priest then told Bunny to cover Tozawa and Bad Bunny became the brand-new WWE 24/7 Champion.

This is Bad Bunny’s first title reign as the WWE 24/7 Champion. Tozawa briefly held the title for his 8th run, while R-Truth was previously on his 49th run as the WWE 24/7 Champion.

You can check out the title changes in the posts below: