Becky Lynch Looks Back At Her NXT Debut Eight Years Ago

WWE superstar and former multi-time women's champion Becky Lynch took to Twitter earlier today to hype this evening's house show in Hidalgo Texas, and reflect on her NXT debut, which took place exactly 8 years ago today.

The Man writes, "8 years ago I had possibly the most shameful debut in NXT/ WWE history. Today I have accomplished nearly everything I could have ever dreamed of. And tonight I will main event like I always do at #wwehidalgo. Where you’ve been doesn’t have to indicate where you’ll go."

While never winning gold in NXT Lynch had quite a resume for the main roster. She is a former two-time Raw women's champion, a former four-time SmackDown women's champion, and was the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble matchup. Check out Lynch's tweet below.