Becky Lynch Talks Her Heel Turn On Bianca Belair, How She Missed Being Away From The Ring

SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch recently appeared on “Out of Character with Ryan Satin,” where she talked about how she missed being away from the ring while she was pregnant, how much of her real life she portrays in her character on TV and her heel turn on Bianca Belair.

Below are the highlights:

On how she missed being away from the ring while she was pregnant:

“She’s (her baby) the light of my life. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was not one of those women that was like, ‘Oh, this is so nice. I get to sit back.’ I love working, so being away from the ring for that length of time was painful for me. It was really painful. I got into things. I wrote a book. I got the first draft done but I haven’t got the second or the third. I haven’t written a bit in the second half, but I did those things and I loved that. That was an artistic outlet for me. I shot a documentary. Myself and Colby (Seth Rollins) did a lot of it ourselves. I don’t know if it will air or not, but we did those things. That at least helped me feel like I was working and doing stuff. I missed it. I missed it so much. I was jonesing to get back. One thing that was a bit helpful was the audience was gone. They’re such a key part of what we do, and God, fairplay to everybody who worked their a** off through that pandemic without the audience there. It’s like missing scene members. Everything you do is directed at them. Their reactions help influence your match and your performance. Without them, you’re missing a big piece. I was lucky that I missed that, but the baby is amazing.”

On how much of her real life she portrays in her character on TV:

“A lot when I’m pissed off. It’s mostly me when I’m pissed off or when I’m just ranting and making fun of things. You have to start from yourself and then take influences from other things. Even when I was on the indies, I was this loud mouth, over the top, had this swag, not to this level, but I was all about the swag on the independent circuit as Rebecca Knox. ‘The Man’ was much more understated, but now we’re developing, putting layers on it, and adding little things. It’s all trial and error which is the fun part, trying to see what sticks and taking risks. It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, The Man works. Let me stick with that. Let me stay in my black leather jacket and call people dopes’, or you can evolve and take risks. You can see what works, what doesn’t, what sticks with the audience or what doesn’t. You can give them something new and give yourself something new, and a new challenge.”

On her heel turn on Bianca Belair:

“It was very last minute. It’s so hard, especially when you’ve been a babyface for so long, the crowd likes you, they’re endeared to you, and then you go away. They’ve seen some of the stuff that I went through in the year. I’m a new mom, I’m coming back, and they’re excited. There’s this girl that’s been doing awesome. That’s a great rivalry. We like both these guys. How do we make them not like one of them? Let’s do this quick. I know a lot of people were upset saying, ‘Well, if they are going to do this, they should have had a long match.’ Well, if we had a long match and then I beat her, then I just beat her. That’s not good. That’s not good for her. But if she’s robbed, we take something from her, and she doesn’t expect it, then we want to see her succeed. We don’t want the person with it to have it anymore. We want that person to succeed. We want that more. I think we’re doing just fine. It’s such a weird thing. It’s like, ‘I don’t like Becky as a heel. She’s so annoying?’ What? Ok, I think that’s the point. People say, ‘Why would they do this to Bianca? I wanted her to win.’ Yea, good, this is what we want. I think we’re doing a good job with it.”

You can check out Becky Lynch's comments in the video below: