The Bella Twins On Kofi Kingston; "We're Just So Grateful For You"

During the first edition of the WWE Hall of Fame Diaries, The Bella Twins had a discussion with Kofi Kingston. During the interview with the former WWE Champion, and current Raw Tag Team Champion, The Bella Twins thanked Kofi for the advice he has given them in past. Nikki and Brie spoke about how Kofi “never changed”, and what he’s done to help the Hall of Fame duo, stating:

"Just some of the things you would tell us in the advice, but you're rare. And there are some people that.. and you've never changed. We always talk about it... a lot of people actually talk about it. Like Kofi's been one person who's never changed. He's the same person from day one. But that really helped Nicole and I. We're just so grateful for you and so thankful. Because you have no idea what it did for us”.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania 37, in a collision with Omos & AJ Styles.

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)