Big E On Wrestling Against Sheamus, Best Entrance Themes In WWE

During his recent interview with SPORTbible, WWE Smackdown Superstar Big E named a few of his favorite entrance themes in WWE. Mr. Money in the Bank also revealed which WWE Superstar he believes hits the hardest, and more. Check out some of the highlights below.

On the Superstar with the best entrance music in WWE:

“Bobby’s ‘Glorious’ is really, really good. Shinsuke’s is exceptional. Let’s go Shinsuke. I can’t remember the name of the violinist but he’s incredible and anytime he had him or Nita [Strauss] play him out on guitar, his entrance and his charisma – he’s built for live performance and those big performances.”

On the hardest hitting talent in WWE:

“Let’s go Sheamus. Any time you’re in the ring with Sheamus you know you gotta bring it because he’s gonna bring it. Sheamus will beat the hell out of you and I enjoy beating the hell out of him. It’s fun. With him you know you can hit him as hard as you want with no regrets whatsoever.”

On the WWE talent he believes is the most intelligent:

“Let’s go [Xavier] Woods. Woods is a great choice, he’s working on his PhD, multiple degrees and a very, very bright dude.”