Big Title Change Takes Place During Last Night’s Episode Of NXT

Last night's episode of NXT, which was the premiere episode on Tuesday nights, saw Kushida defeat the former Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar to become the brand-new NXT Cruiserweight Champion. This is Kushida's first time to become the NXT Cruiserweight Champion as well as his first-ever title in the WWE. Santos Escobar became the NXT Cruiserweight Champion on the June 3rd, 2020 NXT episode when he won the finals of an 8-Man Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

WWE is now referring to Kushida as just the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but Santos Escobar was called the Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion when he unified both his and Devlin's Cruiserweight Titles. Escobar unified both titles at TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Night Two this past Thursday night when he defeated Jordan Devlin in a Ladder Match.

You can check out the title change below: