Bobby Fish Talks Boxing Debut, His Future In The Sport

During the latest episode of his own Undisputed Podcast, Impact Wrestling talent Bobby Fish reflected on his pro boxing debut, where the former AEW and WWE star defeated Boateng Prempeh. Check out the comments from FIsh below.

On his victorious boxing debut:

“We went over to Dubai and we had a great time, we really did. And we came back with a — so that was my first professional boxing fight, and I am officially 1 – 0 with one knockout. So congratulations to me and the heralded Coach Alex. I mean, honestly if I look at it as far as what the outcomes could have been — and they were numerous — to be sitting here right now having this conversation and to be 1-0 as a professional boxer, to have one TKO, I don’t know. Couldn’t have hoped for better, I guess? Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied.”

On his pro-boxing future:

“I did feel like when the fight ended, like I was just kind of getting comfortable. So I guess that leaves me with still a little bit of a scratch to itch. And [that’s] not necessarily a bad thing. There is a second fight to be had with Global Titans. Preliminarily, we’re talking maybe sometime in February, but we don’t know. We don’t know who it is against, what exactly it’s going to be. Fingers are certainly crossed for it to be kickboxing or MMA. I think kickboxing is the one that makes the most sense. I think that’s the one that has the best odds of happening with Global Titans. But yeah, it’s all kind of up in the air. We’ll see4.”