Bobby Flaco Reflects On 2020 Thunderdome Match In WWE

During his recent chat with Fightful, Bobby Flaco reflected on his September 18th, 2020 trip to WWE's Thunderdome.

Check out the comments from Flaco below.

On battling it out in the Thunderdome:

“The infamous ThunderDome. It was cool. It came from just a point in my career where I was getting a lot of extra work. I dropped a hint that I would be in town a little longer. I never lived in Florida, but I was there for a long time. I told the dude I’d be around a little longer and it came that they needed somebody for 205 Live. They needed three people for 205 Live. I was able to do it. It was sick. I learned a lot. I had no business being there. It was cool. I got to learn a lot, I got to take in a lot. The ThunderDome is wild. Not a lot of people can say that they got to work in the ThunderDome, so that was cool.”

On things he learned from the taping:

“I got a crazy lesson in selling. It was huge for me. I was just making it too hard, doing the weird face thing and I was knocked out all the time. Weird flipping around and doing weird shit with my body when you can just touch whatever hurts and have a good face on you and look into somebody’s eyes like ‘dude, this fucking shit hurts.’ I was able to get that lesson at a bigger stage, so it was cool to sink it in.”

On advice from others:

“It was people who watched it and watched me. I don’t want to talk about who was backstage, but it was a guy who said it again, I have to hear everything twice, the person who said it the second time was Leon Ruff, and that’s my fucking guy. I’ve switched gears since then. It wasn’t directly after 205 Live, but I was doing that same shit. When two people say someting to you, it really clicked.”

On performing in front of fan screens:

“It was different. It was during COVID, so it was better than nothing. It was like when I was wrestling in front of no people at some times. It was like [white noise yelling] a little bit. It was definitely better than nothing, so I appreciated it.”