Bobby Lashley Turns Down Goldberg’s WWE SummerSlam Challenge

RAW this past Monday night featured a number of huge surprises and returns, but the biggest return of the night was when WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg surprised the WWE Universe when he made his way down to the ring to confront The All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. The WWE Champion Bobby Lashley issued an Open Challenge on RAW, which was answered by a returning Keith Lee, but Lee came up short.

After the match, Goldberg made his way down to the ring, got in the face of the WWE Champion, then he laughed and declared that he is next in line for Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title. MVP and Bobby Lashley was then interviewed on RAW in a backstage segment and asked about Goldberg's challenge, but MVP said the WWE Champion and himself would not dignify Goldberg’s disrespect with an answer.

Lashley then took to his Twitter to comment on Goldberg's challenge and said Goldberg does not belong in the same world, let alone the same ring as him, then he called Goldberg an old man and turned down his challenge.

Despite Lashley's comments on Twitter, Goldberg is still expected to face the All Mighty WWE Champion for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam on August 21st, but there's no word yet on when the match will be made official.

You can check out Lashley's tweet below: