Booker T Offers Strong Praise For Ricochet, Finn Balor

Booker T has been impressed with two WWE Superstars in particular as of late.

During the latest installment of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, the pro wrestling legend offered strong praise for the recent performances by Ricochet and Finn Balor.

"I must give Ricochet a lot of props because I’ll tell you right now, I seen a lot of growth in Ricochet. He’s coming into his peak," Booker said. "He’s actually now beginning to really start to understand what this thing is truly all about, and I can see it on Ricochet. Almost just like Finn Balor. I saw Finn Balor grow over these last seven years into something totally different than he was seven years ago."

Booker T continued, "Was he better than he is now as far as athletically, his body in better shape? Of course, I would say that, 100%. But is he so much smarter in there, as well as knowing what to use and when to use it and how to use it, now opposed to then, so much better? Of course he is. So for me, I love the growth in Ricochet as well. He’s on his way. He’s a touch away from actually being at that point where I need him to be, but Ricochet is definitely on the come-up."

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