Booker T Reveals Thoughts On Working In NXT Thus Far, Offers Strong Praise For 2 Talents

Booker T recently offered high praise for Carmelo Hayes and JD McDonagh.

The two-time WWE Hall of Fame legend and newest addition to the NXT commentary team spoke about his move to the brand, as well as the aforementioned pair of talents from the brand during the latest installment of his podcast.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On praise for Carmelo Hayes and JD McDonagh: “Carmelo Hayes is one of the guys that I want to see get to that next level and literally just kick it in. I want to see this dude on that next level. In order to get to that next level, you got to have somebody in your ear sometimes telling you how good you are, patting you on the back, and saying, ‘Man, that was a hell of a job. I need more of this, not that.’ That’s what motivators do. I think I’m one of the best motivators that you’re going to find. I’m going to make sure that those guys know that I’m in their corner, I have nothing to gain from it, and if they go out and do well and come back and say, ‘Book, you were right about this and right about that’, then let’s keep it rolling. Let’s just make it a little bit better.”

“Another kid I’m really, really high on his JD McDonagh. I’m really high on that kid, man. I had a chance to watch him work this week with Dragunov. I swear, man, I don’t know if you guys got a chance to see that main event, but those two young guys went out there and frickin rocked it. Two guys that left it in the middle of that ring. If you couldn’t believe what was going on in that ring, you’re really not a wrestling fan. The thing is, we know what wrestling is. We know what it is, is to entertain us, but to entertain you to the degree to where you go, ‘Good God. That was awesome.’ That is what those two young men gave me on Tuesday night and I can’t wait until next Tuesday.”

On working in NXT so far: “It feels so much like Reality of Wrestling. Pick up talk after the show, all the young guys waiting, just wanting more. They’ll just stay there all night if they can, so I love being in NXT. I can honestly say I didn’t think I was gonna feel it the way I feel right now about NXT. I just didn’t.”

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