Booker T Says He Is Just Glad To See Saraya Back In Pro Wrestling

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently took to his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, where he spoke about a variety of topics such as how he is just glad to see AEW Star Saraya back in in-ring action and how he predicted that this will be happening soon.

Booker T said:

“I’m just glad to see her back. I predicted this. I said we’re gonna see Paige back in the ring real soon. I said we’re going to see her wrestling back in the ring real soon. I said I don’t know where it’s going to be at. I said I don’t know when it’s going to be, but I can tell you it is going to be sometime very, very quickly. I’m just happy to see her back in the ring. I’m happy to see she came back and got a win. You know, I mean, she put herself on the right track right off the bat. Paige has always been my girl, man. She’s always been very, very high on my list. I know how it is to have your career just taken away from you like that, and to see her come back, it’s pretty, pretty awesome.”

You can check out WWE Hall of Famer Booker T's full comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.