Booker T Says He's Impressed With Mandy Rose's Work Since Returning To NXT

Booker T is impressed with the work of Mandy Rose since returning to WWE NXT.

The newest addition to the commentary desk for the brand, two-time WWE Hall Of Fame legend Booker T, spoke highly of the NXT Women's Champion during the latest installment of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode where Booker T offers strong praise for the women's wrestling star.

On Mandy Rose being a major player in NXT and someone who has stepped up greatly since rejoining the brand: “Mandy Rose, man, she stepped up. She stepped up. She’s definitely a player, man. When I said she is the best in the business right now, that wasn’t just cliche or anything like that. She’s come up. Just the looks in her face, her work, her mannerisms, her work ethic. Everything is literally on point, and you can see her confidence level in-ring, it’s like way over the top. It’s just awesome to see, man, because I know exactly where Mandy Rose come from. I was there at the beginning, Tough Enough 2016, when she beat herself up trying to win that contest. She didn’t win it, but I swear man, she did everything possible she could have done to win it.” So to see her where she is right now, she’s getting her flowers. I say man, ‘You go girl! You do it!’ So yeah, it’s awesome.”

On how it was good for Rose to go back to NXT: “I think taking that step back for her, and going back to NXT, it was the right thing to do for her. It definitely was. Maybe she got the call up too soon. Maybe she didn’t just totally feel it properly, and to be able to take that step back, almost like a reset, I think it did wonders for her. This group Toxic Attraction definitely giving those two girls the rub as well. So, I’m loving it, man. It’s definitely a hot act, and it’s definitely hard to follow.”

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