Booker T Shares His Thoughts On Rey Mysterio's Upcoming HOF Induction

During the latest recording of Booker's podcast, current NXT broadcaster and WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T shared his thoughts on Rey Mysterio's upcoming induction into the Hall Of Fame.

Check out the highlights below.

On Mysterio joining the Hall Of Fame:

“You know, I mean it’s a no-brainer, man. Rey is well deserving of being in the Hall of Fame, first ballot Hall of Famer. Stuck around long enough just to see his boy get this feet wet, and no Dominik is rolling… to see Rey go in while he’s still out there doing it. And one thing about Rey, Rey’s had a lot of surgery on his knees. But you wouldn’t know it. You wouldn’t know it by the way he goes out there and performs each and every night in that ring. You always see the athlete that loses a step. And I honestly can’t say that I’ve watched Rey Mysterio lose a step. If so, it’s been very, very little. It’s been marginal.”

On Konnan inducting Rey:

“But to see Rey get a chance to go in, I’m sure his family is gonna be so proud of seeing Rey make that walk. And I heard that he wanted Konnan to induct him into the Hall of Fame, so that right there is something that’s gonna be special to those two guys that’ve been connected to the hip since the beginning of Rey Mysterio’s career. Ray would probably give Konnan more credit than anyone for getting him his star in the business and getting him here to do what he does so well.”