Brandi Rhodes Credits Renee Young For Broadcasting Action Figures, Says AEW Refs Are Next

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes was a recent guest on Matt Cardona's Major Wrestling Figure podcast to talk about the new AEW Unrivaled collection, and how she believes soon referees will be getting action figures made of them as well. Highlights from the interview are below.

How Renee Young help paved the way for wrestling broadcasters to get action figures:

I thought there was definitely a lot of possibilities and cool things that can happen with being a character in wrestling. When I became an on-air personality, I kind of lost that, 'it's not meant for me or it's not going to happen,' but then Renee Young got an action figure. Now, it's a possibility for people who are broadcasters, ring announcers, referees. I think everybody is going to be getting figures.

How she believes their referees will be made into figures soon as well:

We definitely need referee figures. We have some charismatic referees. A lot of people like Ref Aubrey, Bryce, Paul Turner, everybody is their own character in the referee realm. I think we can do it and I feel strongly about it. I can say you can expect to see one or two referee (figures) to pop up.

Check out Rhodes' full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)