Bray Wyatt Talks About How He Is Feeling Going Into His Match Against LA Knight At The Royal Rumble

Top WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt appeared on the "Out Of Character" podcast with Ryan Satin to talk about a variety of topics such as how he is feeling going into his return match at the Royal Rumble against LA Knight.

Bray Wyatt said:

“There is a certain reluctancy to me, where there hasn’t been in the past. It’s part of any athlete, when you’re away from something for so long, there is something in the back of your head that is like, ‘Am I still it? Am I still what I am, what I should be?’ For the majority since I’ve been back, I was kind of there, in a sense, and the weeks have progressed, I’ve started to come into my own again and remember why I do this and how much it means to be out there and perform at things like the Royal Rumble. The closer I’ve gotten, I’ve started to sink my teeth into being what I should be.”

Bray Wyatt also talked about how he felt damaged at first and how the fans were the ones who gave him the strength to build himself back up and ultimately swayed his decision to return to the WWE.

Bray Wyatt said:

“Genuinely, that moment was not for me. During my time away, I had opportunities to do really cool things, movies and TV shows and stuff, and I wouldn’t, because I felt broken. There was something that was shut off and I didn’t understand why. It was literally people telling me and keeping me alive and dragging me back, telling me, ‘You should still do this, we miss you.’ I didn’t feel that way at first. I felt damaged. It was that, that gave me the strength to kind of build back out and explode. It was geared for them, it was.”

“I despise the way my mind worked. That’s the truth of it all. I’m the first person to ever tell you all of my flaws. I refuse to watch myself back, I’ve never seen pretty much anything I’ve done, I can’t watch. I’m that kind of headcase, man. It’s also kind of my superpower. It’s what makes me, me, the obsession. When I’m geared on something, I’m so deep into it that there is no separating life from anything else, it just is. When I dive deep like that, it’s what makes me connect and it’s the reason that I have fans that are so into what I do, it feels like it’s part their life too. If I didn’t have such passionate fans, I wouldn’t be here, I really wouldn’t. It’s them that led me back here.”

You can check out Bray Wyatt's full comments at this link. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.