Bret Hart Lists Wrestlers He Wishes He Could Have Worked With, Says He's Writing New Book

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart was the latest guest on Pro Wrestling Junkies virtual meet-and-greet to discuss all thing wrestling, which includes the former world champion naming talent he wishes he could have worked, and reveals minor details about his newest book. Highlights can be found below.

Says he's working on a book about this life in pro-wrestling:

I remember those memories and I kind of thought about trying to write and sort of recreate what it is that I love about wrestling as a kid and bring back my… just what I believed in wrestling and why I loved it so much and tie it in with my childhood stories about growing up in a family with 12 kids and my dad’s a famous wrestler and just the whole sort of life that I had. I had such a great life and I’ve been working on that for a while and it’s a long ways from being completed and it may never get done but I think that it’s — I’ve got all this time, sitting down here doing nothing. I might as well try and do something constructive so that’s something I’m working on.

Names wrestlers he wishes he could have worked against, including Rey Mysterio:

There’s lots of guys. I really wish I could’ve had one match with John Cena, especially as the [Canadian], bashing the States and all that. He would’ve been — if John Cena would’ve come along in let’s say 1997, it would’ve been perfect for me. Randy Orton, I would’ve loved to have worked with him, either face or heel. Rey Mysterio I think, and I’ve joked with him a few months ago and I texted him and I said, ‘You are the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.’ Rey Mysterio is second to none, for sure the greatest masked wrestler there ever was, phenomenal wrestler. Just one of those guys I have so much respect for. If I could’ve just worked with him one time, it would’ve been an honor for me. Let’s see, who else? I would’ve liked to have some kind of a bikini match or something with The Bella Twins. Handicap match would’ve been something,” Bret laughed. “Brock Lesnar, I’ve always heard nothing but the greatest things about everyone that ever worked with him, that he’s really a total pro in the ring and one of the best. In contrast to someone like Goldberg, Brock is a real skilled wrestler and knows how to work and I would’ve loved to have had the chance to work with him. There’s a lot of guys I would have loved to work with. CM Punk, he’s probably at the top of my list. I mean, I don’t know as a heel or babyface which one would have been better but either one would have been fun. Daniel Bryan is again, another one, second to none, phenomenal wrestler. I got nothing but respect for him. Drew McIntyre, would’ve been an honor to work with him on any level. I think I would have wanted to be a bad guy or a heel working with him but, it could’ve gone either way.

Says he will be involved with the documentary that A&E is doing about wrestling:

I’m also doing an A&E documentary that they’re doing [with] a lot of the wrestlers but they’ve been working on one with me. In fact, they’re [coming] up here later in the week and [we’ll] shoot some more interview questions, and I hope for fans anyway, these documentaries that A&E are planning on doing or got in the works with different wrestlers, that I hope mine is a really good one and somehow it brings new life to fans that have seen me do so many interviews go, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that about him. This is something different.’ I’m sick of Bret Hart. I’m sick of me maybe as much as fans are but hopefully there will be something new in there. Like, ‘Oh, you gotta see this new A&E documentary. It’s something special.’ I’m happy to do anything that keeps me alive into wrestling and keeps fans remembering.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)