Brian Hebner On What IMPACT Wrestling Needs To Do To Be Just As Big As AEW

Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling referee Brian Hebner recently spoke with Lewis Carlan of PWMania on a number of topics such as what IMPACT Wrestling needs to do to be just as big as AEW and how AEW isn't bigger than the WWE as WWE has been around for a really long time and AEW is not really growing their audience.

Brian Hebner said:

“I just think they need a bigger platform. They need a bigger television deal. They have everything. Everything is right there. They just need a bigger deal. And I think that if they were to get on a bigger platform, I think they could be just as big as AEW. And you asked me the question about AEW being bigger than WWE. WWE is a big machine man. It’s almost like saying do you think this new beer, that somebody puts out, like Stone Cold’s beer is ever going to catch Miller Lite, it’s not going to catch Miller Lite. Miller Lite has been around forever. You know, and there’s too much money. And it’s just something that they’ll never be able to do. I mean, AEW, hovers around one million viewers every single week. I mean, that’s great, but that’s not good because they’re not growing their audience, and you got to watch it grow, it’s just not doing that.”

You can check out Brian Hebner's comments at this link.