Bruce Prichard Says He Doesn't Think Every Fan Reads Spoilers And They Would Just Rather Watch A Show When It Airs

WWE producer Bruce Prichard recently took to an episode of his Something To Wrestle With podcast, and discussed how fans constantly goes to social media and criticizes everything they watch and hear, but what they should do is just be in the moment and be entertained.

Bruce Prichard said:

“Be in the moment.” “If you’ve got to critique and criticize everything that you watch and everything you hear, I want to get lost and entertainment is to be entertained. You want to be entertained and lost in a moment and lost in time. [Analyzing everything] strips all the fun away. You can watch something and go, ‘hey man, maybe that wasn’t what I liked tonight.’ I just always think, take it in the moment. And even in 2021, we look at everything in such a different lens.”

Bruce Prichard then talked about how he doesn't think every fan goes to the internet and social media and reads spoilers of shows as they would just rather watch a show when it airs.

Bruce Prichard said:

“Even to this day, I’m not and haven’t ever really been a proponent of oh my god, it’s taped so everyone will know.” “I subscribe to b------t on that, I don’t think everyone knows. I don’t think everyone goes to the internet to see what the f*** they’re going to watch. If they do, then I hope it’s good enough that they’re going to read it and say. man, I want to see that.”