Bryan Danielson Opens Up About His Experience Filming Total Bellas

The latest guest on Renee Paquette's The Sessions podcast was AEW superstar Bryan Danielson, who spoke about his experience being on the Total Bellas reality program, a process that he deeply hated due to him having to live in John Cena's guest house and the manufactured arguments made by the show's creators. Check out the American Dragon's full thoughts on the subject below.

On having to live in Cena's house:

“I have to go live in John Cena’s house. I hate filming reality television. You're constantly changing clothes on the same day to go film something to pretend like it's a different day. This is supposed to be real. Can't I just wear my same clothes? They're like, 'No, you cannot. It was really hard because when you're going through something like retiring and this thing that you love gets taken away from you, you like to be around friends and family. Brie was on the road full time with wrestling, so she was leaving on Fridays and not coming back on Wednesdays. We'd film Wednesday, Thursday, and she leaves on Friday. I'm in John Cena's guest house. There's all these rules. I've got the dog. I love John. I think John is great, but that's not the ideal thing to be in.”

Says manufactured arguments turned into real arguments:

“Then they manufacture these arguments that sometimes turn into real arguments. One of the real arguments got real, real. Then it was like, 'Oh, Jesus, I don't want to be here anymore', so I just left. It was bad. It actually started with me and Nicole having an argument because Brie and I had bought this property. We were going to build a house. I wanted it to be a smaller house. Nicole wanted it to be a bigger house. It's not your house. It's my house. It got into this thing about deserving stuff, deserving this or deserving that, or whatever it is. My opinion on all of this is that none of us deserve these things that we've gotten. For example, I've met a lot of fantastic wrestlers along the way who never got to where I was purely because of luck, good or bad. Good luck on my side. Bad luck on their side.”

On Nigel McGuinness:

“When you look at somebody like Nigel McGuinness, who in theory, the only reason he wasn't me or more successful was because he was honest about tearing his bicep, and I lied about concussions and seizures. That wasn't a thing that I went to the doctor and when they're asking you these questions, it wasn't like I was thinking like, ‘Oh, I gotta lie to him about my concussion.’ They asked and that part of your brain that just reacts on instinct, said, 'I'm good', and he was like, ‘Well, I gotta tell him about my bicep tear.' or whatever. That's the difference between me getting to where I got and him never having a match in WWE."

(H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNews.Co)